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Welcome to the website of the DACH Association for Medical Education (GMA), a non-profit professional association dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary excellence in medical education. Offering its members an academic forum in which to share their opinions and experiences, GMA publishes high profile, scientific papers in its bilingual journal, the GMS Journal for Medical Education, and hosts an annual conference.

Publishing with GMA

Representing an important part of the Association’s purpose, GMA’s official publication, the GMS Journal for Medical Education (JME), is a central point of intersection between the Association with its many activities and the larger public.

To access the GMS Journal for Medical Education, please follow this link: gma-jme.org

Attention: Please note that a fake journal is currently copying GMS Journal for Medical Education. If you would like to submit an article, please only do so via https://www.egms.de

2024 GMA Annual Conference in Fribourg/Switzerland

GMA 2024 Fribourg
GMA 2024 Fribourg

Information is available: gma2024.de

GMA Annual Meeting 2024 in Freiburg/CH - "Save the special date".

We are looking forward to an exciting Annual Meeting 2024 at a very attractive location with a young, dynamic medical faculty, namely in Freiburg (Fribourg) in Switzerland. However, the between lecture and exam times was not easy and now exceptional and now extraordinary: exceptionally, the meeting will have to take place in August, namely in the 32nd calendar week from 05.-09.08.2024. To ensure that many people can still participate, we are planning the the conference as a combination of online, hybrid and face-to-face conference, by starting online and presumably continuing on Thursday/Friday in Presence continue with streaming.

We will start with Monday and Tuesday (05/06/08/2024) - purely online -  with workshops, committee meetings, poster sessions, talks, etc.

Then there will be one day of "rest," arrival for conference attendees, who will also spend the two remaining days, Thursday/Friday (08./09.08.2024) in presence to  would like to travel to Fribourg. These two days will be partly hybrid

Please remember two things right now:

  • This will move the abstract submission deadline forward by at least 5 weeks.
  • Please submit all contributions in a way that they "work" online.