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GMS J Med Educ, Issue 05/2021 online

Liebe GMA-Mitglieder,
liebe Leser und Autoren der GMS J Med Educ,

das Issue 05/2021 der GMS J Med Educ ist heute, am 15.06.2021, online gegangen. Sie finden alle Artikel in deutsch unter: https://www.egms.de/dynamic/de/journals/zma/index.htm und in der englischen Fassung unter: https://www.egms.de/dynamic/en/journals/zma/index.htm

Folgende Artikel wurden veröffentlicht:

1. Wijnen-Meijer M. Focus on patients in medical education. GMS J Med Educ. 2021,38(5):Doc97. doi: 10.3205/zma001493

2. Demmer I, Selgert L, Altiner A, Baum E, Becker A, Schmittdiel L, Streitlein-Böhme I, Michiels-Corsten M, Zutz S, Hummers E, Jünger J. Implementation of a uniform nationwide medical licensing examination in general practice. A feasibility study. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc96. doi: 10.3205/zma001492

3. Freytag J, Stroben F, Hautz WE, Penders D, Kämmer JE. Effects of using a cognitive aid on content and feasibility of debriefings of simulated emergencies. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc95. doi: 10.3205/zma001491

4. Harendza S, Münter A, Bußenius L, Bittner A. General population's knowledge about the anatomical locations of organs and medical terms today and 50 years ago: a replication study. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc94. doi: 10.3205/zma001490

5. Herrmann-Werner A, Erschens R, Zipfel S, Loda T. Medical education in times of COVID-19: survey on teachters' perspectives from a German medical faculty. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc93. doi: 10.3205/zma001489

6. Dippel K, Brueckle MS, Sennekamp M, Wunder A, Pauscher L, Reißner P, Gerlach F, Mergenthal K. "A real eye opener" - development, implementation and evaluation of a seminar on interprofessional teamwork in GP specialty training. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc92. doi: 10.3205/zma001488

7. Glässel A, Zumstein P, Scherer T, Feusi E, Biller-Andorno N. Case vignettes for simulated patients based on real patient experiences in the context of OSCE examinations: workshop experiences from interprofessional education. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc91. doi: 10.3205/zma001487

8. Krakau F, Doll L, Mitzkat A. An interprofessional core elective module on the scholary presentation of projects: implementation in an online format. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):90. doi: 10.3205/zma001486

9. Crome M, Adam K, Flohr M, Rahman A, Staufenbiel I. Application of the inverted classroom model in the teaching module "new classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions" during the COVID-19 pandemic. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):89. doi: 10.3205/zma001485

10. Shormanova Z, Ahrens H, dos Santos T, Sensmeier J, Kurpat R, Schnase M, Yildrim K, Marschall B. A project report on the switch from in-class to online tution in the preparatory course for the knowledge examination for foreign physicians - guidelines for the organization of the online summer semester 2020 at the faculty of medicine of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität of Münster. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc88. doi: 10.3205/zma001484

11. Bernigau D, Bahmramsoltani M, Corte GM, Reese S, Pfarrer C, Fietz D. Task force veterinary anatomy: joint efforts of the five German veterinary schools to ensure education during the COVID-19 pandemic. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc87. doi: 10.3205/zma001483

12. Brombacher-STeiert S, Ehrich R, Schneider C, Müller LR, Tipold A, Wissing S. Teaching clinical practical and communication skills of the clinical skills lab of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic. GMS J Med Educ. 2021;38(5):Doc86. doi: 10.3205/zma001482